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An educational resource and forum for non-profits and volunteers.

The Inland Northwest Development Council exists to educate and support individuals involved in the development and fund raising activities of the nonprofit organizations of the Inland Northwest. If your work brings you into the world of philanthropy and fundraising, consider joining INDC.


  • Professional networking
  • Mentoring
  • Calendar of local events
  • Professional Networking
  • Member and nonprofit organization contact information
  • Important web links for development professionals
  • Job postings
  • Calendar of campaigns

Dues are valid for five consecutive membership meetings, and can be paid at any time during the year for the next five consecutive meetings.


Meetings are generally held every other month (September, November, January, March, May). Many other events are available and marketed to members when the group is not meeting. For more information, visit our meetings page.

Calendar year

The INDC Calendar year consists of five bi-monthly membership meetings that begin in September and run through May of each calendar year. Dues are valid for five consecutive membership meetings. Dues are $100 for new members and $100 for renewing/lapsed members.


As a member of INDC, you are provided with a directory listing of all members and organizations. You also receive job postings, news and information on your industry, and much more. See the membership form.


The Inland Northwest Development Council evolved out of prior Spokane organizations that were focused on connecting grant-makers and grant-seekers, as well as providing professional development for grant-seekers and development professionals. In July of 1993 a Charter was drawn up for the Inland Northwest Development Council “to provide a structure for networking and learning.” The Inland Northwest Development Council or INDC did not incorporate or seek 501(C)(4) status, as their intent was to keep the group informal.

INDC Presidents, in sequence have been:

Kathie Allen (late 1980s- early 1990s) Carol Neupert (early 1990s-1997) Trish McFarland (1997-1998) Judy Rogers (1998-1999) Gail Stevenson (1999-2000) Sue Manfred (2000-2001) Teri Mathis (2001-2002) Staci Nelson (2002-2003) PJ Watters (2003-2004) JoAnne Watts (2004-2005) Mary Savage (2005-2006) Paul Oleniacz (2006-2007) Kerry Wiltzius (2007-2008) Keith O’Brien (2008-2009) Lorna Walsh (2009-2010) Courtney Susemiehl (2010-2011) Kristine Ruggles (2011-2013) Jackson Williams (2013-2015) Kerry Wiltzius (2015-2017)

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